Spy Glasses

We’re sorry, but your internet browser isn’t supported. The DVR has a 8GB memory built to the arms and the device also records audio in combination with the HD video footage. Certainly, the imagery is very evident and easily good enough when they are close to the camera when the footage was obtained, to identify somebody. No, this device can be activated for both carrying snapping and video still images.

The glasses are lightweight and though they are of a thicker styled layout, they are extremely discreet. The standard Spy Glasses unit features a inbuilt 8GB storage capability, but now there’s an optional 32GB memory update available which means that there is less need to offload video footage as frequently (select update from dropdown menu).

Even though the glasses can’t capture video in total darkness, low light recording is achievable and with a detachable lens that that the camera can attain a reasonably broad view. If desired, the glass lenses are clear with no magnification, but these lenses may be changed to prescription lenses by the user.

HD 1080P Glasses Spectacles Camera SPY Hidden Cam Video Camcorder Motion Detect. The capacity may vary if photos have been taken and battery life recording times will change due to temperature as well as the frequency of use. The Spy Glasses Camera with built in DVR are intended to be used to capture video footage of this subject matter in high definition.

The photos were actually taken employing sample video and these spy eyeglasses below while. Camera Sensor: 2 Megapixels CMOS — Camera Lens: F2.4 /2.2mm. The eyeglasses are supplied with a glass cleaning cloth and USB charging cable that may be employed to transfer the files onto a computer.

Rich and brilliant organic colours, higher quality video graphics. This is where the Spy Glasses Camera system scores highly since the camera will probably always be pointed toward where the wearer spy eyeglasses is looking. Unisex eyeglasses using spy camera and recording system.

The camera hidden earpiece lens used, although a pinhole, includes a rather wide angle lens that means that facing the topic will enable you to catch inside the framework. Easy to operate and appropriate for both genders, these spy glasses are fantastic to face body worn video surveillance.

The DVR has a 8GB memory and the device also records audio in combination. Absolutely, the vision is quite clear and easily good enough when they’re close to the camera when the footage was obtained to determine somebody. No, this unit can be activated manually for both snapping images and taking video.

When running surveillance on-the-move that the spy tool that is perfect is something which will be completely worn to the individual and can function ‘hands-free’. Recordings are saved to the memory from AVI format with date and time stamping on the video footage which is excellent for evidential purposes.

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